Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nana's 70th Birthday Dinner

Well all in all it was a successful weekend. The cake was a hit, and tasted delicious, wasn't dry at all as I was a tiny bit worried about. This time around, the fondant wasn't as thick, and actually got eaten as well, so that was also good.

We had dinner at Thai Diamond at Hervey Bay, and the two winner dishes were the Chilli Duck mmm mmm and the Soft Shell Crab.

So here is the final cake from almost every angle;

Hervey Bay is a beautiful part of Queensland, and somewhere that my partner Michael & I have holidayed many times, together as well as individually as children. I know it will be a place where we will continue to take Rylan and any other children we have for many years to come. It is growing at a rapid place, but I don't think it will ever totally be rid of its country town charm.

Here's the sunset that we sat and watched before dinner;
One of the main things I wanted to achieve from this trip, apart from celebrating Nana's 70th Birthday, was a family photo that I could present to Nana, and also give a copy to each of smaller families involved. There are four generations in this photo, which to me is priceless. The last 4 generational photo I was involved in, was my great grandmother on my mother's side, her mother, my mother and me as a baby. Now, there are only me and my mum left, so the photo record is precious.

Back row left to right: Beringen (my cousin), Nana (my paternal grandmother), Brett (my dad), Harry (my brother), Phoebe (my sister), Michael (my man) & Rylan (my baby boy)
Front row left to right: Rhiana (my cousin), Michelle (my aunty), Desleigh (my mum) & ME!

I bought some sparklers, one '7' and one '0' which created a spectacular show;

Here's a cute shot of me and Rylan;
And finally, here's Nana with the cake before we left the restaurant, went home and ate it;


  1. Fantastic job Meagan!! Your nan looks truly impressed with her cake, great pic!!! Priceless

  2. very nice the sunset shot and the cake ones and the one with you and Rylan...such a blessing to have family around you..especially the 4 generations! Happy bday to your Nana!