Saturday, March 17, 2012

Banana Bread, Babies & Home Made Flower arrangements

No one is a bigger fan of my banana bread than my BFF Kelly. I have avoided that combinations of letters for such a long time, but I am so sick of saying 'my best friend'. If I just say friend then I feel like I'm lying, but saying best friend all the time sounds a little like I'm in primary school. If I say BFF I'm in high school, so if there is a 28 year olds alternative, I'm all ears. 

Anyway, the order of events went;

Kelly got engaged to Jameel (nicest guy on earth)
Meagan (me) got pregnant with Rylan
Kelly got married (to Jameel - just to be clear)
Meagan had Rylan 9lb 6, 56cm 23 September 2010, Natural with only gas
Kelly got pregnant slightly less accidentally but equally as happy to be. 

Then, on 12th March at 4:50am 2012, out popped a beautiful little girl 7lb 9, brown hair named Chloe Maree. I have spent an hour with her so far, then came down with a cold when I was due for my second visit (which was yesterday) so now I need to wait to hold my honorary neice again. WAAAAAA

Anyway, as soon as I heard the glorious news, I knew what I had to do. I immediately went to Westfield and searched for as many cute girl clothes as possible. Kelly & Jameel choose NOT to find out, so we have been in limbo buying boring neutral things for 9 months. It was on. 

I had already purchased the baby a bright blue with purple wings & horn - unicorn dragon stuffed toy. I think it had flecks of glitter through it too, so it could have gone either way, but now that I know its for a girl, I think its right. I went on to buy a hot pink wondersuit - a must, a cute little white cotton sleeveless onsey with a ruffled bum, a pink, purple & white singlet pack and a packet of girly socks. 

I went looking for flowers, you gotta have flowers when u go through that pain, and after not being able to find anything that was impressive enough for the size & price I wanted to pay, I ended up making my own. It wasn't about being 'cheap' it was about not wanting to hand my money over for something when I could make it myself for half the cost and spend more money on pretty pink things.

I did end up buying a round foil balloon from a florist to begin with, then I found a cute little white basket with pink lining from the Reject shop for about $3. Then Aldi had some beautiful cut flowers for $4.99 a bunch. There were some gorgeous tiny pink roses, but I thought it would be better for them to be as fresh as possible, so I decided to buy them the morning of despite the rush that may result. When I went back, the same roses were still there, and the new flower they got in weren't quite as nice, so I ended up buying the roses, some green flowers, and some lighter pink carnations. Then I used a flower arranging foam which I cut to size & soaked in water until it sank (that's how you know it's ready. I lined the basket with clear cellophane, and dropped the foam in. Then I just began cutting & slotting in the flowers till I was happy and all the spaces were filled. Finally I poked in the balloon and we were away!

I told Kelly that I made it, but she told me that she never would have known and that I am not supposed to tell those things, but I was proud, so what can I say.


We are all smitten with Chloe Maree, and can't wait to watch her grow up into a beautiful little girl, bigger girl, and then woman. xxx