Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rylan's Birthday Cake

Well it has been a while since I promised to post pictures of Rylan's 1st Birthday Cake. It was a cake extravaganza! Special thanks to my sister Phoebe who helped me with a few things, the sign and the cupcakes and the sun. It was a lot of fun to make all these elements, and boy was it rewarding once it was finally put together. I was really proud of myself on this cake, and it has lead me to the realization that I would like to make a go of making some money out of doing this.

Have a look at the pictures. Everything is made out of my own home made gumpaste which I have since finished and ended up buying a bunch from Sugarland to make some figures to sell. It is much easier to work with, however there is something deeply pleasurable about making things from scratch. Its much more expensive too, but it doesn't require any conditioning, where the home made stuff had to be rolled through a pasta machine over and over and needed for a REALLY long time to get it smooth and even then I had issues with cracking.

Anyway, hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Rylan's Teddy Bear's Picnic Birthday Cake:

 Here is the best I could do for a shot of the whole cake, but as you can see there are many stories within the story.

 Here you can see the froggy (made by Phoebe) with a fly on the end of his tongue and some flies buzzing above him. The turtle is peering over a bush wondering what is going on as is the cute little snail. You can also see the family of lady bugs traveling up the hill to the single apple that has fallen from the tree. The bushes are made out of fondant and were made on the day of the cak, the rest is made from home made gum paste.

 Here you can see the gorgeous sign (made by Phoebe) that really turns this cake into something really personalised and special. I'm so happy we went ahead with the sign, it wouldn't have been the same without it. You can see the stepping stones between the bunny and the turtle that were made with some black gumpaste mixed with a bit of white, but not left a bit marbled. The bunny is on his way to the party, he has a present ready to go and is having a quick fly of his kite on the way there.
 Waiting on the top of the hill is our star, teddy. He is waiting patiently for his friend to arrive to his birthday picnic. you can see he is already wearing his party hat, and there is one on the blanket waiting for bunny. His honey pot is being held firmly between his arms, but the bees are not to pleased with this and are buzzing around wondering why he has any honey at all because he's not a bee! Teddy has a picnic basket (of course) and inside is a single carrot for the bunny because he knows how much bunnies love carrots. He already has a present and a plate of cupcakes and a cup of tea, what more could a teddy want. The "1" sign was also made by phoebe as were the cupcakes.
 Here you can see the bunny flying his kite. The string is not edible. You can also see a hedgehog and a snail wondering what this kite tail is. You can also see that one cupcake has fallen down the hill.
 Here is a close up of the tree and some blue birds sitting in front of it.

Well that's it. Rylan had a little bee hive which I made intending to be a smash cake, but he wasn't very interested in eating it (go figure). Picture below.
 Here is the birthday boy, all cute and everything.
 Here is the sign and instructions for the photobooth I had set up. Also you can see hanging up are all the moustaches etc.
 Here are some candels I made using baby food jars and curling ribbon. Then I tied them to our only tree to give a bit of ambiance after dark. Unfortunately, it was a bit windy, and we didn't get to light them all, but I still think they are cute and a good idea. I made a bunch of them and put them down the main table also.
 Here is the party before people started to show up. Tissue paper bunting flags everwhere, there is a happy birthday sign to the left on the fence, and I bought a living social deal to get $50 worth of balloons for $15 so the polka dot balloons looked great. You can't see very well, but there are also tissue paper pom poms hanging from the clothes line. I also threw a bunch of balls across the back yard which kept the littlies occupied throughout the day. 

I didn't take nearly enough photos. I had some candy jars as a centre piece to my food table, but the day was so chaotic, there just wasn't enough of a chance to take too many pics. In hindsight, it would have been good to get every detail, but the day was good enough without it. 

Well I hope you like my 1st 1st birthday party. Next birthday party will be 5th for Rylan, so I won't be doing another one for a while. 

NEXT PARTY = Kelly's Baby Shower (my bestest friend). 

Also, next post will be about the joint 1st birthday party that we did with our mother's group, there is a cake for that one too. 

Stay tuned I might do that tomorrow. 

x M

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  1. It was such an awesome cake, Meags! And Rylan is such a cutie. :)